The art of revealing human potential

Sol Partners are consultants offering comprehensive business support solutions and helping companies to develop their human capital.

People are the core value of any business, particularly for companies operating in the field of HR management. In providing strategic and comprehensive HR solutions, we consider it to be of the utmost importance to build strong relations with the specialists who are currently, or may soon become, the best possible candidates for the positions with which we work.

Sol Partners is responsible for filling the most senior positions within client companies, so we understand the vital importance of confidentiality, and the delicate nature of our work with candidates. In addition to offering you the most interesting roles available on the market and those best suited to your experience and expectations, we offer career management consultancy services, and we are always ready to share the latest information about the state of the market, staffing changes, salary structures, and compensation systems.

Our guiding principle is to build long-term relationships. We continue to communicate with our clients long after a project is complete, providing support as employees adapt to their new roles, and we are able to offer and organize additional training sessions and study programmes, recruit a new team, or optimize an existing one. We often bring in experts to help us assess candidates for a particular role who are already working within the company.

If you would like to discuss your career prospects with us, please send us a copy of your CV Contacts.