The art of revealing human potential

Sol Partners are consultants offering comprehensive business support solutions and helping companies to develop their human capital.

When recruiting senior managers, we use a direct search technique. Unlike most consultants on the market, our range of services includes not only a detailed analysis of the candidate’s experience and profile, using a tried-and-trusted method, but also a 360-degree reference check. This enables us to build the best possible picture of the professional competencies of the candidate we recommend. Our work on a project includes an up-to-date analysis of the market to pinpoint the salaries of senior managers in similar roles and the structure of the salary packages on offer. This makes it possible to optimize the specific proposal that is made to the candidate.

Once the successful candidate begins his or her new role, Sol Partners uses a trial period to evaluate the candidate’s suitability for the new position and the extent to which his or her qualifications satisfy the requirements of the role. If necessary, Sol Partners will propose coaching sessions, training courses, or other tools for personal growth and development of leadership potential, helping to make the senior manager more effective in his or her new environment.